My ‘Hero’s Journey’; Blogging my @TeachingLeaders experience – @mrmooneysport

I have started on a journey, both metaphorically and literally, and decided (with a gentle push from @Katie_friedmank) to keep a blog of my future travels.

I’m currently sat on a train, travelling back from a long weekend in York, where 120 other people and I were discovering our inner leader. Over the last three days, I have been challenged, encouraged and inspired. However, most importantly I’ve had lots of fun (mainly because of the new connections I’ve made). If you haven’t guessed already, I have started my @TeachingLeaders course this weekend, at the residential in York. After traversing a rigorous assessment process at the end of the summer term, the residential marked the start of my leadership journey.

The weekend itself involved various training sessions based around different aspects of leadership. I particularly enjoyed Dominic Fitch’s Shakespeare Schools Festival workshop, where my comfort-zone was truly stretched, as I had to play MacBeth. Each session was interspersed with inspiring keynote speakers. Of note, Phyllida Hancock of Contender Charlie and @realgeoffbarton‘s ‘Don’t call it literacy’ were excellent. As a PE teacher I really struggle to sit still for 10 minutes, let alone two hours listening to Shakespeare’s Henry V and Literacy!

A real highlight of mine, which made me pause for thought, was the Experiential session. We have been sworn to secrecy so you’ll have ask me privately what happened. I truly have a new found depth of empathy for the deaf and a real understanding of the need for clarity in communication.

On reflection; I have walked away with three key learning points, which I’m sure I will explore with more rigour as the days go by.

Be relentless in what I’m aiming for, without being blinkered and overbearing.

Inspire a buy-in through infectious enthusiasm for my vision.

Start with the why (yes I’ve stole this from Simon Sinek @simonsinek). Essentially, remember the reason I’m doing what I’m doing.

Hopefully, as I reflect further, these take away’s will help me really develop my vision over the next 7 days!

Finally, on a completely different note, I think the Moleskine jotter was an inspired freebie. It makes me look like I have enough money to buy one!

On to the next step…

N.B. I will also heed the advice of @AbbeElistonTL and not heckle the Teaching Leaders staff in sessions. It will come back to haunt me, I’m sure.


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